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Kat Eggleston: Links

Kat on MySpace
Compilation CD to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society - many songwriters performing favorite songs written by writers other than themselves. Kat's chosen cover: "How Can I Tell You" by Cat Stevens.
Kat on Facebook
Kat on YouTube
The duo of Kat E. and Kate MacLeod on MySpace
Beachcomber article: Kat comes home
Kat on Waterbug Records
Kate MacLeod

My sometime duo-mate and all-the-time dearest friend. Incredible musician and songwriter.

Robyn Landis

Friend, housemate, adopted sister and stunning songwriter. Also engineer/writer of this website and designer of my newest CD package, Speak.

Michael Smith

Perhaps most famous for his renowned song 'The Dutchman,' Michael has composed many dozens of both moving and hilarious songs that I love to play. I appeared in Chicago in his musical The Snow Queen for two years running and am exceedingly fortunate to call him a close friend.

Michael Johnson
Cliff Eberhardt
Wally Bell
Rose Laughlin
The Ramova Brothers
Terry Docherty Guitars

The site for the great luthier Terry Docherty, the maker of the "Kat Eggleston Mistral."